October 15, 2007

Top 9 Axe Ad campaigns

Following the Axe campaign post a few days back, here is a compilation of my top 10 favorite Axe ads. Unfortunately most of the ads got eliminated for either being way too explicit or for turning women off and I ended up with 9. (A quick check on a lot of Axe ads reveals that women can find them degrading).

#9 - Same old concept - but executed well

#8 - You wonder how its an Axe ad, till you read the tag line

#7 - Its a nice concept and could have been higher in the ranking list, if it had been executed better

#6 - Creative Genius - well executed - Kudos

#5 - Nice - very nice

#4 - Takes you a second to get this - A nuns attempt to resist temptation

Source Coolbuddy.com

#3 - This looks like it was created just for the net, the idea is just too creative to leave it out. If these towels were handed out at a beach, hmmm...

#2 - Its simple, great idea, well executed. I kinda like these toilet door ideas!!

#1 - Awesome idea - It attracts attention, a desire to read on and connect the pieces. Engages the consumer. Had a difficult time trying to find one that beat this

Drop me a link of an interesting Axe ad, if you think it should be on this list...


Gerri said...

I love these Axe ads!

Harish said...

Yeah! great ads - liked the other post on axe too