August 06, 2008

Paanchvi Pass - SRK on your car

My good friend Nirav shared his experience with Shahrukh Khan's Paanchvi Pass*. No, he didn't watch the show but was involved in a great Viral gimmick. In his own words below

Here's the pictures of the "paanchvi paas" promo tools that we talked about a few weeks back. These 2 glasses were stuck on to the bonnet and back of my car by someone at a crossing, and I spent a good 20 minutes trying to shake them off by sverving the car. On reaching office I took them off and found the magnet which said "Magnet sticks to Iron – a Class V question – SRK Saying Paanchvi Paas"

Nice innovation, but don't know how effective. My guess is less effective than normal outdoor media. But the fact that we were talking about it proves that the innovation at least worked.

What do you know?? Crazy things like this do get talked about!!

* Paanchvi Pass is the Indian version of "Are you Smarter than a 5th Grader


July 07, 2008

New mail id, yet again!!

Yahoo’s newly launched ymail/rocketmail has gone viral with kaunhoonmain. The only reason to get a new mail id is that you haven't got your chosen id in earlier portals. This viral plays on that aspect. Pretty cool. This actually got me thinking of getting myself a new id. Decided I was too lazy after all

First seen on Let me know what you think


June 30, 2008

Pepsi vs Nescafe - Who is Cooler

Image Source - Fundivision

Both have branding on the building rooftops, but did you even notice Pepsi in this photograph. I like, do you?


May 04, 2008

Social Networks - Friend vs Follow vs Fan

This blog is a result of an interesting discussion with Nithya of Muziboo fame. Muziboo is a young startup, which reaches out to the musician in everyone. Finally there is a space which goes beyond encouraging just young bands to encouraging individuals interested in music. More on Muziboo in another post

This network is based on common interests in music, and not necessarily on an existent friend network. In such a situation, it is not necessary that you know an individual on the site in person, but you might still want to be updated on new music or live events planned by the musician.

To remain updated there are really 3 options that Muziboo can provide - "Add as Friend (like Facebook), Follow (like in Twitter) or Become a Fan (like in Stumbleupon)

Add as friend seeks reciprocation, while the other 2 do not. Add as a friend seeks to strengthen bonds, while the others allow weak bonds to co exist.

Which one do you think is most appropriate for Muziboo? If you used this platform and found a cool musician which option would you choose to connect and why?


April 08, 2008

Honda Accord - You could just get beaten

Its creative hell to better ads like the original Honda Accord ad. This one comes close with a simple message, communicated effectively - "Honda loves solving problems". Neat, very neat!!

You decide which one is better, the old ad is below


April 02, 2008

Justin Timberlake - Dragged & Beaten!!

If you are a fan, I am sure you are here in horror. Alternately if you are someone like me, then you will really love to see Justin getting hammered.

But the main reason I love this ad is because Pepsi was targeting sales with this promotion and yet added back to brand imagery. Its a real struggle to say you are giving something free with your product and yet make a cool ad that appeals to your TG. You feel like reaching out for a Pepsi, not because they are giving you something free, but because they created an entertaining ad.

For the record, Justin - here's a whack from my end (After all a sip is all it requires)


April 01, 2008

Be ambitious - Aim Higher !!

An Indian gaming portal had launched this amazing ambient ad. They see to play on a the competitive streak inherent in every gamer. They created 4 levels in a men's restroom. If you are a true gamer, you have to beat level 4.

So how high would you aim? (Hint - I don't really want to know :)) )