April 08, 2008

Honda Accord - You could just get beaten

Its creative hell to better ads like the original Honda Accord ad. This one comes close with a simple message, communicated effectively - "Honda loves solving problems". Neat, very neat!!

You decide which one is better, the old ad is below


April 02, 2008

Justin Timberlake - Dragged & Beaten!!

If you are a fan, I am sure you are here in horror. Alternately if you are someone like me, then you will really love to see Justin getting hammered.

But the main reason I love this ad is because Pepsi was targeting sales with this promotion and yet added back to brand imagery. Its a real struggle to say you are giving something free with your product and yet make a cool ad that appeals to your TG. You feel like reaching out for a Pepsi, not because they are giving you something free, but because they created an entertaining ad.

For the record, Justin - here's a whack from my end (After all a sip is all it requires)


April 01, 2008

Be ambitious - Aim Higher !!

An Indian gaming portal had launched this amazing ambient ad. They see to play on a the competitive streak inherent in every gamer. They created 4 levels in a men's restroom. If you are a true gamer, you have to beat level 4.

So how high would you aim? (Hint - I don't really want to know :)) )