October 18, 2007

And the mobile phone will be extinct (not kidding)

Here we are, inseparable from our dear little handheld mobiles and yet the takeaway will be "Hmmm... it could get extinct". To understand why, we have to understand or rather define convergence.

Defining Convergence

"Convergence" refers to the blurring of dividing lines among traditionally distinct products and services, technologies, markets, industries, and regulatory structures.

For example, the Playstation2 is not only a games console, but also a CD player, DVD player and Internet connector. Mobile phones are actually the best example, in that they increasingly incorporate digital cameras, mp3 players, camcorders, voice recorders and other devices.

For the consumer it means more features in less space.

So does everyone love carrying their mobile phone?

Whats wrong with the mobile?

As Matt would put it "The pain in the neck of carrying both a PDA and a phone - along with my notebook, wallet, cigarettes, keys, business card case, and other miscellaneous bits and bobs - would inevitably cause me to abandon ship"

His problem was more with the PDA + phone, but I get pretty pissed with the standalone mobile. House keys, car keys, wallet, mobile phone, random sheets of paper, coupons, bills I have to pay and sometimes my ipod go into my pocket. I can kill myself for the thunder thighs effect generated.

So is that reason enough to ditch the mobile?

The Wrist Watch will replace the mobile? No Way...

Not yet - not until the new generation wrist watch kicks in. Wrist watch manufacturers have focussed on fitting in absolutely useless features like an altimeter, a temperature sensor etc.

To really get an idea of the possibilities that a watch can converge into, check this out.

This cool watch doubles up as a USB device to store your music, documents etc and also serves as a plug and play with Windows and MAC operating systems.

So you love the cool videos and the smartphone feature

Its not going to take long to give the watch the core feature of a mobile phone - the ability to "talk" & "sms". Its a watch & time keeping is the core function, so "alarms" & "reminders" are easy too.

What about all the cool videos that you can see on an iphone and what about the smartphone features? It does look like a stretch that the watch will cater to this need as well, so most probably the low end mobile phones will only be under threat. A thought I would like to leave you with - No one thought that the simple phone would become a computer in itself.

So do you think a Rolex or a Tissot could replace the Nokia's and Motorola's of the world?


Clara said...

It doesn't sound as impossible as it did when I read just the title

Rob said...

I have to agree with that - it was really weird to suggest it. But there is an outside chance that this is possible

venu said...

no way wrist watches cant replace mobiles
in future everything will be done with mobiles only