September 29, 2007

Woah! Tiny Parachutes in the courtyard... Where are the aliens?

Don't worry, I haven't sighted a UFO yet. Just noticed this interesting direct marketing technique at Adverbox. Samples of coffee arrived at different neighborhoods apparently via parachute. The key communication being that everyone can get great coffee from Hawaii delivered to their homes, in the quantity and frequency they desire.

The direct marketing initiative communicates the USP of Coffees of Hawaii. For those who would have normally questioned how anything from Hawaii could ever get to their doorstep, the parachutes proved that it might be difficult but certainly possible.

The parachutes in fact play the role of attracting attention and interest towards the direct marketing initiative. Contrary to traditional direct marketing initiatives (leaflets, envelopes etc.), which end up in the dustbin with immediate effect, this initiative would guarantee a second look and certainly greater response rates.

Now how many of you would buy from Coffees of Hawaii if you saw the parachute in your courtyard. Let me know


September 11, 2007

Best Direct Marketing Ever!! (60% conversion rate)

Harley Davidson and marketing genius - there seems to be a connect. For the cult brand it is, its not easy to market to the evolved consumer. Every marketing effort has to surpass any previous effort and uphold expectations of the consumer.

Just check out the direct marketing effort below.

A 'Freedom Box' was sent across to potential customers. When the box was opened, a ventilator released fresh air on the consumer's face. "Feel free" were the words mentioned on the box. The effect it generated was that of a ride in the country side with the wind blowing against your face.

Did It Work?

According to this claim, 18 out of 30 consumers reached bought a Harley (To put it in perspective, normally Direct Marketing efforts have a response rate of just about 3-4%). A classic example of how experiential marketing was built into a Direct Marketing effort. This will rate as one of my best Direct Marketing efforts of all time. Any other brand upto the challenge?