October 12, 2007

The last quarter of this Football Final was so..... yummmy ???!!!

There are many amongst us who think a newspaper print ad will remain just that - the same old print ad. Its not that we dont see great messages being communicated using this medium, but thats more to do with the creative.

So to bring real innovation in the picture, take a close look at the Vegemite ad.

Images of four quarters of toasted bread were placed at the 4 corners of a sports column. A simple line above the last bread quarter reads "Good to the last Quarter".

Execution was timed to coincide with news on the Grand Final of the Australian Football League. Great way to connect a 'bread brand' with a football final. Its topical, relevant and brilliant !!

Its not the creative thats innovative, its the precise placement on the sports supplement, the timing of the ad, connect with the article, and speed of execution (absolutely required to execute great ideas in cases like this).

Seen more like this? Let me know...

1 comment:

Hari said...

pretty neat, though unsure of how much the brand got out of it. The branding is really small