December 19, 2007

The Perfect Christmas Gift !!

If you have come here in search of the top 10 gifts for your girlfriend this Christmas, then I should redirect you here . Alternately, if you want to get dumped this Christmas, then here is a list of worst ever gifts.

If none of the above is applicable, then let me tell you about this fabulous British Hotel Chain called Travel Lodge (No, I have never stayed with them). The opinion is born out of an absolutely fantastic promotion that the hotel has launched this Christmas.

Travel Lodge is offering free accommodation across its 322 UK hotels, as a gift to all married couples called Joseph & Mary. This is valid from Christmas eve till the 5th of
Jan 2008. Their reasons for this consumer offer is stated below.

The 'gift' of free night's stay is to make up for the hotel industry not having any rooms left on Christmas Eve over 2000 years ago when the original 'Mary and Joseph' had to settle for the night in a stable
They even offer a free parking space for a donkey - great reason to get yourself one :))

I don't recall high decibel PR as a result of consumer promotions run by any brand, but this chain has achieved just that (A simple google search will establish this). Being innovative and driving a connection with the consumer, sure has its benefits. Want to try it sometime?

Source - IBN Live


Mark Antony said...

I can think of a few WORST Christmas gifts...

A cruet set with no holes
A CD of songs from a Monastry
Tennis Racket with no strings

I wonder why I find it easier to think of WORST gifts than best!!

Jay a.k.a. 'Dat' said...

Hey, Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year too!

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