January 03, 2008

Can New Year Resolutions be used as a Marketing tool?

Well Happy New Year to all of you. I have been a little busy holidaying the past couple of weeks. On New Years, I was contemplating the conventional "Happy New Year to all my readers" but stayed away because I wanted to start this year by doing something different (Not wishing my readers seemed logical :)).

I couldn't ultimately think of anything different because I had a hard time waking up and staying in my senses, but what I do have this year is an innovative marketing attempt from a Recruitment Consultancy below.

These guys have used New Year Resolutions as an innovative way to advertise their offer. They shot an email which was eventually forwarded to me. The mail has been appended below - go through it and subscribe to their email groups if you are in India. I will be doing so.


Wishing everyone a very happy new year. May god bless you with a great personal life. As goes good professional life and career, Green Rootz would surely like to make some contribution.

For all those who have made any of the following resolutions, we are always there to support you:

1. I will not work till late hours
2. I will maintain work life balance
3. I will not succumb to unnecessary pressures of management
4. I will no more accept that "Boss is always right"
5. I will look for jobs with better designation
6. I will look for designations that really mean something and aren't just fancy ones
7. I will look for profiles that justify the designation
8. I will look for companies that put me on high trajectory growth
9. I will no more do monotonous mundane boring work
10. I will move from sales to marketing
11. I will move from marketing to content acquisition
12. I will move from content acquisition agency side to client side
13. I will move from content acquisition client side to movie production house
14. I will look for more strategic oriented profiles
15. I will look for assignments that provides international exposure
16. I will double my salary in the next 12 months
17. I will look for responsibilities that aren't restricted by geographical boundaries
18. I will look for assignments that requires understanding of multiple functions
19. I will not make more than one presentation or pitch in a week
20. I will no more waste time checking and approving artworks
21. I will work for companies with enough cash reserves to support ambitious business plans
22. I will invest more time reading and updating myself with the happenings around the world so that I can explore better opportunities
23. I will not work for companies that don't have employee friendly culture
24. I will not work for boss who is less intelligent than I am
25. I will not work in the company wherein I have already learnt what I could learn.

Go on and make more such resolutions. We will try our best to make sure you keep them.

To keep yourself updated of vacancies in Media, Entertainment & Telecom sector, register with Mediajobs Googlegroup created by Green Rootz. It takes 30 seconds to register if you have gmail id. Click on the link below for the same:

Thanks & Regards,

Harish Jain
Green Rootz Manpower Consulting
2nd Floor, C Wing, R.R. House, Mathuradas Mill Compound,
Opposite Kamla Mills, Near ICICI Bank,
Senapati Bapat Marg, Lower Parel
Mumbai 400 013
Email: harish.jain@greenrootz.com
Phone: 022 32465007
Mobile: +91 9819 511 007

"We call ourselves Green Rootz because Green is the color of life and Roots are the reason for growth. Thus, all the endeavors of our company are focussed on Growth of Life. 'Z' at the end of Rootz signifies 'new-age; with the time' attitude of the company. Thus, relevancy is at the core of our beliefs"

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John said...

I think resolutions are used as a marketing technique all the time by those in industries related to frequent resolutions, e.g., gyms, stop smoking, etc.