August 25, 2007

Make Money on Overnight Deliveries!!

Just checked out this ad by Endless at Steve's blog.

Its not easy to make people migrate from Amazon to a relatively new portal Endless, which is exactly what the ad achieved in Steve's case at least. They could so easily have gone the usual line of we are better / faster / cheaper / simpler etc.

The route they eventually used for the ad was a very genuine need in the online ecommerce space - Overnight Delivery! Not only did they promise overnight delivery, they also paid you for you it! (Now how cool is that!!)

An awesome clutter breaking technique, which provides incremental value where the customer least expects it (someone finally put the concept of customer delight to use), and hence induces trial.

Why its truly awesome is that the same offer could have been on the merchandise saying "$5 off on any merchandise you buy from us" but that would amount to getting a discount. Everyone is used to and bored by these offers. Getting money, rather than dishing it out for a service like Overnight Delivery is an interesting one I must say...

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