August 28, 2007

Hoardings on the Move

This post isn't about anything innovative - its on common sense. Lately I have been catching a number of mobile hoardings and unfortunately never really 'caught' them. Its ultimately difficult to look sideways while driving. Let me explain...

The advertising is only on the 2 side panels. There is no communication on the front and back panels. Aren't we losing out on potential ad viewers by cutting out these 2 angles of viewing (from the front and from behind). Imagine driving a car - Would you really look sideways to understand whats written on a mobile hoarding or would you much rather catch it on the back panel when you are driving behind it?

Ideally, once a medium has been invested in - one should get maximum return from it . There should be significant branding on both the front and back of these mobile hoardings. Its just a question of wanting to use the medium for more effective advertising. I am sure there are other advertisers who have done this and I have just been unlucky to see those who haven't.


Karthik/SK/wimpy/SKimpy said...

i'm not even sure they are targeting people who are driving. and i don't think they are supposed to be read while it is on the move.

i think what prompted these hoardings is the shortage of "normal" hoardings. So what they do is to park this at different places at different times and hope to maximize eyeballs. don't think they're on the move too frequently.

but yeah, i agree wtih you that "once invested, get the maximum" and they should puts ads on front and back also..

and don't you think the best mobile hoardings in b'lore are the volvo buses?

Ishwar said...

The Volvo buses are a neat concept. In fact in some European cities, the buses are connected to a GPS system and the advertising changes according to the location the bus is in. Hence, the local burger joint gets to segment geographically and advertise to potential consumers in the area.

Greg Perrine said...

You REALLY should see Hitchhiker Ads. To your point these display to the people BEHIND you - a captured audience. You should check out